Bath salts for sale

Know everything about bath-salts

The term “bath salts” refers to a new class of drugs that contain one or more synthetic chemicals related to cathinone, a stimulant similar to amphetamine normally found in the plant khat.

This drugsare also known as “cation”. It is a kind of stimulants cause aggressive behavior and hallucinations. One or more of these substances are packed into small packets of aluminum foil with a label “bath salts for a relaxing bath, not for human consumption”. The most common research chemical included aremephedone, methylone and methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV).

They are known as bath salts although they have nothing in common with the people use to relax in the tub. In the market they are known as pigeon red, purple, lunar wave, pure ivory, ivory wave, vanilla sky, blessing or white lightning.

How to consume? inthree very different ways. They can smoke, inhale or inject them-

One or more of these symptoms can occur in a person who has consumed bath salts. In some cases the drug can be fatal, you need to be smarth when you use a research chemical.

– Fevers as high producing kidney failure or other organ failure.

– Psychotic episodes. The person may show very uneasy, not calm down with sedatives or even electric shocks.

– Rabies can cause homicidal cannibals episodes, that person commit suicide or attempt to kill another through other methods.

– Mental Confusion and disorientation. This symptom could last months.

– Absence of pain.

The effects of bath salts usually last about three or four hours, but the racing heart, high blood pressure and other effects of stimulant-type can last longer. High doses have caused intense and prolonged panic attacks in some people. Since this drug is a stimulant, it tends to disrupt sleep. A person taking the drug can often suffer from sleep deprivation psychosis. Addiction is also a likely effect.

Mentally, the consumer will experience euphoria, alertness, anxiety and agitation. He probably will not feel hungry. You can get a headache, tense muscles, elevated body temperature, dilated pupils and nosebleeds. You can also show dizzy, confused or both of them, and can grind their teeth. But those are the milder effects.Doctors says that more serious effects include seizures, hallucinations, aggression, suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts, and psychotic delusions. Physically, a person can experience liver failure, kidney failure, loss of bowel control and rhabdomyolysis, a spontaneous rupture of muscle fiber that can lead to death.

Bath salts usually take the form of a white crystalline powder or coffee and sold in plastic bags or foil packets labeled “Not for human consumption”. They are also sometimes sold as “plant food or fertilizer,” or more recently as “jewelry cleaner” or “phone screen cleaner.” They are sold on the Internet and in stores of drug paraphernalia with different names like “Ivory Wave,” “Red Dove,” “Blue Silk,” “Seventh Heaven,” “Vanilla Sky,” “Lunar Wave” and “Scarface “in Spanish; and “Ivory Wave”, “Bloom,” “Cloud Nine”, “Lunar Wave,” “Vanilla Sky”, “White Lightning” and “Scarface”, they even have their own names on other languages.

You can get bath salts for sale on internet, but you need to check if you are using a good supplier; when you supplier have some interest about you, it give you tips to use this research chemical and prevent you to use it on high doses.

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